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Free 2nd Opinion

We offer free 2nd Opinions on all forms of dentistry. The more information that you provided to us the better the opinion will be. Make sure you try to provide us with as much information as possible. If you do wish us to run diagnostic tests then there will be a charge for those. You will be informed of charges should you request tests to be carried out. Dentistry is a complex subject and sometimes you may not understand the treatment because it has not been presented in an informative manner. There is no obligation for you to continue with us after the opinion. The free opinion is just part of our community service to dentistry.

Free Invisalign Consultation

On our web page there is a self diagnosis page which will possibly answer a lot of questions that you may have. We are happy to provide a costing and information for you to take home to look at so that you can decide if invisalign is for you. In some cases we may recommend other options as being more appropriate or more cost effective for you. If you would like a free one to one and discuss your own particular situation we are more than happy to provide a free consultation for you.

Free Cosmetic Consultation

Cosmetic Dentistry is a very complex area and the look that you want to achieve and how long it lasts is dependant on the aesthetic eye of the dentist and the type of treatment that you choose. It is important you discuss all the inform and don't be scared to keep asking if you do not understand because at the end of treatment you have to be happy with what you have chosen and also to understand the limitation, if at all any. We have quite a lot of information on the services pages of the different forms of dentistry. If you need more clarification or a more personal one to one then we are happy to provide a free preliminary consultation appointment

Free Whitening Consultation

Whitening has become an everyday part of life for the dentist today, but in your case it can still be a mystery as there are so many different types of whitening out there and also all with different costs. You want to obtain value for money and more than anything maintain that white smile of yours. Dental tooth whitening now has become very affordable but make sure you get good advice as in a lot cases we see disappointed clients when they have gone for the cheap fix without understanding everything. We have a website dedicated to tooth whitening which may be of help www.whitening.co.nz. If you are still unsure and would like a one to one free consultation then feel free to call us. Also remember that whitening does fade back and you need to maintain it at home

Winz Quotes

We offer Winz quotes for you. All you have to do is just ring the receptionist and inform her and she will arrange a  consultation and the forms to be filled out so that you are able to submit them to WINZ. Winz allow for $300.00 a year grant for emergency work so if you are not sure ask them first. They are also able to help with other grants but you will have to talk to your case worker first to check on what you are able to claim.

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If you're interested in a free consultation, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 801-6228 ( Wgtn) / 570-0520 ( Lower Hutt) or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch fast.

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