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we've got you covered.  We work with our customers throughout Wellington City, Lower Hutt City, Upper Hutt City, Porirua City, Kapiti Coast District, South Wairarapa District, Carterton District, Masterton District  Tararua District and clients from all over New Zealand to ensure that their Dental Service needs are met. So what can we help with? Take a look at our main services below...

Whether you need an emergency dentist in Wellington or you simply want to schedule teeth whitening in Wellington, you should contact us.

We also offer free Invisalign consultation services.

We offer a huge range of dental services to people in the Wellington region. If, for instance, you require the aid of an emergency dentist in Wellington, we can assist you. Simply call us to tell us what has happened and we will see you immediately. We also offer a variety of standard services, including cavity filling and teeth whitening in Wellington. Our free Invisalign consultation sessions are among our most popular service offerings. No matter what you need, we can help. You can learn about all of our services by browsing this page. Contact us if you have specific questions regarding a particular treatment option. Someone in our office will answer all of your inquiries in an easy-to-understand fashion.



Need ACC for Dentistry? We provide a full range of Dental ACC subsidised services throughout the Wellington region. To find out more about how we can help with your ACC claims, click the read more link below.

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If you're looking to stop pain from clenching, grinding or TMJ problems then the MCI splint is the perfect solution. To find out more about how Bitesplints can help, click the read more link below.



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Dental Bonding is carried out because it is a conservative procedure that sometimes involves cutting teeth. Dental Bonding is the quick way to make teeth cosmetically appealing by doing a number of things. Dental Bonding allows you to change the shape of teeth, whiten them, close gaps etc


To find out more about how Dental Bonding can help, click the read more link below.

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Children's teeth are very important in dentistry as they are the beginning of what could be a very good journey for a child or one with lots of trauma if not taken care of

To find out more about a Children's teeth click on the read more link below

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Cosmetic Dentistry is all about improving your health and well being. The way we feel has a great impact on our lives and other people so it is important to feel confident and at your best. Cosmetic dentistry helps address these issues and at the same time improve your health

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facebook_cover.jpgThe Dental Road Map system has been designed by Supreme Dental Concepts to give you a look at your past , current and future problems. This way you are able to make the right decision to reach your destination. Dental Road Map is only available at Supreme Dental Concepts

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We make Dentures of all shapes and sizes. We use methods which do not rush you through the process so that way you are able to have input in what is being done. We are able to test and check along the way to eliminate problems. Dentures need to be precise and we will deliver all types of dentures to your satisfaction

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Dental Emergencies arise for a number of different reason and you need to be seen very quickly. During the week we run out own Dental Emergency service with information on the site on times of the service. Practical advice is also given for the Wellington and Hutt region. Emergency Service Website

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extraction_tooth.jpgGum Disease affect approx 80% of the population and they are not aware of it.Gum disease will affect certain aspects of your health so it is important that your get the right advice and treatment so ensure the problems don't get worse. We have hygienist and dentists who can help guide you

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Dental Hygienist services involve maintaining the gums and bone that support the teeth. Dental Hygiene with professional hygienists and many dental hygiene systems to help maintain the gm health, Services provided in Wellington and Lower Hutt regions. 

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We make have been the top invisalign provider in the Wellington area for the last three years and in the top 5 in New Zealand. We have a wide range of experience in all forms of teeth that need straightening. Come in for a obligation free invisalign consult

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We make Dental Onlays for different situations so they are a conservative approach to restoring teeth, Onlays can be a way of saving further breakage of the teeth, If you are looking for conservative dentistry then onlays may be the solution for you,.

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Night Guards are the best way to prevent pain in your facial muscles due to grinding and also to protect you from wearing down your teeth. There are a variety of night guards you can obtain depending on your symptoms. Night guards prevent you from developing long term problems,

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Nerves die in teeth for a number of reasons and today we like to keep out teeth, so root canal work has increased over the years. In most cases root canal work is the best option long term.We make Root Canal work easy and affordable for you. We have the latest systems for carrying out root canal work

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Tooth whitening is the easy way to make a fanastic younger and healthier look. A number of different Tooth whitening systems have been  developed for a number of different situations. To find oujr what is suitable for you check our whitening website or our services page

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Dental_veneers.jpgDental Veneers will enhance your smile while being very conservative on your teeth. We offer affordable and comfortable Dental Veneers in the Wellington and Lower hutt area.




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A Dental Bridge is made when you want to replace a tooth that is missing and want to have something in your mouth that is permanently fixed in. A Dental Bridge behaves just like your natural teeth and you are not even aware that it is something that has been made and put in. There are lots of different types of dental bridges.To find out more about how Dental Bridges can help, click the read more link below.


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Effectively a crown or cap is a thimble shaped tooth which covers the remaining tooth structure left, strengthening it and giving it a better aesthetic form.

To find out more about a Crown click on the read more link below

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We make Dental Crowns of all types and styles to suite your unique smile. Dental Crowns require good diagnosis and an artistic touch to make them look real. we have custom Dental Crown shade and many more techniques to ensure a high quality service.

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Cracked Teeth are one of the hardest things to diagnose in dentistry and we have many techniques to help pinpoint your problems. We can then give you some methods of dealing with your cracked tooth. Quick and efficient diagnosis in the Wellington and Lower Hutt area

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Dental Extractions are not the most pleasant form of treatment to go through.Dental Extractions are necessary for a number of reasons. We have had long term experience in this area of dentistry so to provide you with a gentle caring approach 

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Dental Fillings and Exams are an important way of keeping on top of your dental health and ensuring that you don't develop more complex problems. We have a range of dental exams to suite your needs and also a choice of methods to repair problems which develop


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HealOzone is the application of HealOzone to the tooth and it has the ability to cause the reversal of the decay. There are also other applications of the service which allows a conservative approach to dentistry, like reducing sensitivity and treating decay before it reaches the nerve so helping preventing root canal work

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Dental Implants will get your teeth back in the condition that you felt when you had all your natural teeth. To see how we offer the ideal dental implant solution for you with options of the main implant systems in the Wellington and Lower Hutt region.

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inlay.jpgDental inlsays are the way to make a perfect restoration in your teeth which will be long lasting. Detnal inlays come in all different materials and  can be applied to maintain a conservative approach to fixing teeth

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We make Dental Mouth guards for different sports in colour of your choice. There are a variety of mouth guards which you can choose from depending on the level of sport you are playing

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gum_disease.gifPeriodontal Disease affects about 80% of the population. The process is silent and the precursor of a lot of long term medical problems. We have hygienist's who can help you in stabilizing and keeping your peridontal disease under control.

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dental_surgery.jpgDental Surgery needs to be carried out for a number of reasons,

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Muscle and facial pain can come from dental causes like grinding your teeth and problems with your TMJ. The important issue is the correct cause of your dental pain is identified in order to supply you with the right solution

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We provide wisdom teeth removal services. Please book in for a wisdom tooth assessment and referral if required in the Wellington and Hutt area

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If you're interested in , we'd love to hear from you.ACC, Dental Bitesplint, Dental Bonding Dental Bridges, Dental Caps, Childrens Teeth, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Crowns, Cracked Teeth, Dentures, Dental Emergencies, Extractions, Fillings, Gum Disease, HealOzone, Hygienist, Dental Implants, Invisalign, Inlays, Onlays, Night Guards, Mouth Guards, Periodontal Disease, Root Canal, Surgery, TMJ Treatment ( Bruxism), Veneers, Tooth Whitening, Wisdom Teeth. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 801-6228 or 570-0529 or FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW and we'll be in touch fast

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