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Why Emergency Services?

Dental Emergency Services are important in ensuring that you receive emergency dental treatment when you require it on the day. We provide dental emergency services for our clients and for other dental practices in the wellington area. If you are in pain we will ensure we will get you to get relief of that pain and refer you back to who ever you should wish to go to. In our advertised hours you can be assured you will get a response from us

What is Emergency Service?

Dental Emergency Services are provided for people who have unexpected interruptions to their lives which is going to cause some distress. This may be an dental accident, broken tooth, broken filling, toothache and it will vary from person to person on what is classified as distressing and causing a dental emergency in your life.

For all answers to your Dental Emergency and the emergency service please click on the link below to get comphrensive answers within and out of hours for Dental Emergencies



How Dental Emergency Services work.

Dental Emergency services run in conjunction with our normal business hours and because we have a large staff and multiple dental surgeries we are able to accommodate the dental emergencies The first step is to contact us for an obligation fee chat. We'll run through your Dental Emergency requirements with you. From there  we will organise a time that we are able to address your dental emergency issue.


Why Us? / What you can expect

When you're looking for emergency dental services we have been in the business for over 25 years and have been providing services for a number travellers and also local wellington people. We have been the preferred choice by a number of dentists in the Wellington area to provide Dental Emergency services for them as they have confidence in us looking after their clients. You can expect a quick and efficient emergency service from us but be aware that we are making time to see you so that we are not always able to run to time with your appointment or booking as in most cases we are dealing with undiagnosed dental emergencies.

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If you're interested in Dental Emergency services, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 801-6228 ( Wgtn) / 570-0520 ( Lower Hutt) or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch fast.