Why Invisalign ?

There are a number of reasons why people will now choose invisalign treatment over traditional braces. The most important one is comfort and verstality. You can go about your normal daily routine and nobody will even notice that you are having orthodontic treatment

Take Invisalign Personal Assessment

If you are not sure that invisalign is for you and you need to get more information you can make a free assessment booking with us contact us or you can take an invisalign personal assessment on line just click on the picture below to take you to the assessment site.


Sometimes is it easier to understand the invisalign process by watching how things area actually done so below are some invislaing information videos which will help you understand the invisalign process

Invisalign Technical Process

Often the question we get asked how can just plastic trays ( aligners) move my teeth? Even though the invisalign process looks simple there is a lot of complex work behind the scenes and science to make teeth move. Teeth move when a force is applied to them. In Invisalign a contact changing force is applied by different aligners and you may understand more of the process if you watch the video below which goes through the complex Invisalign manufacturing process

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If you're interested in Invisalign we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free appointment, simply give us a call on 801-6228 ( Wgtn) / 570-0520 ( Lower Hutt) or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch fast. We have been the number 1 invisalign provider in Wellington for three years in  a row