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Invisalign in New Zealand has been going since 2008 and Supreme Dental Concepts has been one of the early adoptors. This means we have a number of years of experience in this field before it has become more widely adopted by the general population. Supreme Dental Concepts has done numerous cases and developed a wealth of knowledge on how to make your invisalign treatment streamlined and successful in the minimum amount of time. We have worked on simple cases through to the most difficult cases

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There are 4 types of invisalign which are available to be carried out

1. I7 ( this involves 7 aligners only so for minor movements)

2. Invisalign Lite ( which allows for 14 aligners only of movement)

3. Invisalign Full ( this allows for as many aligners as you like )

4. Invisalign Teen ( Teen allows for teeth moving and changing and also has a compliance tag which changes colour only if you have been wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day

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