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Phillips Zoom Whitening

Philips Zoom whitening comes in a number of methods of application which are listed below

LED Zoom Whitening

Zoom LED whitening can be done in 45 minutes in the chair, however before you have it carried out there are some pre-treatment work that needs to be done before you are able to complete the whitening and reducing any possible sensitivity

Home Zoom Whitening

Zoom Home whitening comes in varies strengths and application times so that it reduces the possible effect of sensitivity on the teeth. Again like the LED whitening you will need to do some pre-treatment work at home to get the maxmium whitening result.

Normally you will apply it for between 60 minutes to 30 minutes nightly at home 

Night Zoom Whitening

Zoom Night White allows you to whiten you teeth while you sleep. Special whitening trays will be made to allow you to apply the gel while you sleep 

Zoom Whitening Pen

Zoom whitening pen is a really nice way of maintaining your whiter smile. As over time you will not change your normal habits and consume coloured foods and beverages which will affect the whitening you will need to maintain the whiter colour you have achieved on your teeth