Facial Thread Lift

The Facial Thread has been developed to help improve your skin tone and to give support to your skin so it can be used in multiple areas.

Facial Threads have been around for a long time however in June 2018 a new type of thread which is fully dissolvable and safe was introduced into New Zealand.

What are Facial Threads?

Facial threads are synthetic sutures made form the same materials as those used during surgery and wound closure, the only different objective is that of tightening the skin and ruducing mild to moderate skin laxity.

They are preformed under local anasethetic , they provide immediate results and do not require you to be hospitalized. The result is immediate when you have it and they will continue to improve 2-3 months after placement.

Your Facial Thread Exam

Facial threads can be used in a variety of way on the face and it is importatnt for you to understand how it can best work for you in your particular circumstances. Threads as discussed can be used for:

  • Non surgical face lifts
  • Skin rejuvenation over various parts of the face
  • They are often a great cost effective method of maintaining a longer term treatment outcome.

Why Us? / What You Can Expect

When you’re looking for a Thread Exam, we have developed the Thread exam which is a personalised thread plan. The thread exam will address all your current and future needs and then this will settle you into a customised journey for you which will see you finish with the results you wished you had long ago.

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