Facial Thread Lift

The Facial Thread has been developed to help improve your skin tone & to give support to your skin so it can be used in multiple areas.

Facial Threads have been around for a long time however in June 2018 a new type of thread which is fully dissolvable & safe was introduced into New Zealand.

What are Facial Threads?

Facial threads are synthetic sutures made form the same materials as those used during surgery & wound closure, the only different objective is that of tightening the skin & reducing mild to moderate skin laxity.

They are preformed under local anasethetic, they provide immediate results & do not require you to be hospitalized. The result is immediate when you have it & they will continue to improve 2-3 months after placement.

Your Facial Thread Exam

Facial threads can be used in a variety of ways on the face & it is importatnt for you to understand how it can best work for you in your particular circumstances. Threads as discussed can be used for:

  • Non surgical face lifts
  • Skin rejuvenation over various parts of the face
  • They are often a great cost effective method of maintaining a longer term treatment outcome.

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