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Insurance Claims

Lost or Broken Dentures

If you have house contents insurance, then your denture should be covered by your policy. Normally you would have to ring the insurance company up & ask. The insurance company will then get the dentist to provide a quotation for the cost & you will receive prior approval before treatment is commenced. If you are having problems with your claim then come in & see us & we can streamline the process for you.

Wisdom Teeth

Most people are not aware that if they have major medical care for surgeons, then the removal of your wisdom teeth can be included in your policy. We will normally ask if you have cover when you see us so that we are able to refer you off to the oral surgeon. You will require a preliminary consultation with us to get a referral to the oral surgeon.

Dental Insurance

If you have comprehensive cover then you will be covered for approximately $400.00 dollars of work for the year. Make sure you ask us as we will give you the documentation that will allow you to make a claim.

If you have Southern Cross Insurance for your dental, then we are able to make the claim direct to the insurance company so you don’t have to put in a claim form.

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Facial Aesthetics

At Supreme Dental Concepts, we provide a comprehensive selection of cosmetic dentistry services designed to give you the confident smile you desire.

Our commitment extends to ensuring you look your absolute best.

As dentists, our training in injection techniques and facial anatomy during dental school equips us to preserve your youthful appearance, complementing your beautiful teeth.

More About Facial Esthetics

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