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Invisalign Journey

The most important part of Invisalign is designing your treatment...
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  1. Preliminary Step.
  2. Why Straight Teeth.
  3. Invisalign Consultation.
  4. Invisalign Plan.
  5. Invisalign First Appointment.
  6. Invisalign Phase 1.
  7. Invisalign Phase 2 (completion or more aligners).
  8. Invisalign Completion.
  9. Invisalign Long Term Maintenance.



The Invisalign Journey


The Invisalign journey begins when you first think about what you can do to straighten your teeth and improve your oral health. Straightening your teeth can significantly improve your health, and there are other benefits of being more aesthetic.

The second step in the Invisalign journey is to find out more information about Invisalign. This can be done online or by asking friends and family if they have had the treatment or know of people who have. You will find a range of opinions, and we hope to demonstrate below why that would be. People believe that Invisalign will design the treatment for you, and then you will go through the process, giving you quick, straight teeth. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Invisalign has been a market leader in developing the product, and it has changed yearly as more innovations come about and a better understanding of the science and materials. The result of this is that Invisalign now has a lot of companies copying the process and developing their own protocols for the process.

Supreme Dental Concepts ... Dr. Navin Vithal started carrying out Invisalign treatment in 2008 when Invisalign was new and had just arrived in New Zealand. Dr. Vithal has 16 years of experience in the field and can tell you of all the changes that have occurred since then. Far too numerous to put down here.



Invisalign Preliminary Step


Straight teeth are not only important for a confident smile, but they also offer several health benefits. Here are seven health points on why having straight teeth is beneficial:

  1. Improved Oral Hygiene: Straight teeth are easier to clean. Misaligned or crowded teeth can create hard-to-reach areas where plaque and bacteria can accumulate, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Straight teeth allow for more effective brushing and flossing, reducing the risk of these issues.

  2. Reduced Risk of Gum Disease: When teeth are properly aligned, the gums fit more securely around the teeth, providing a strong defense against periodontal problems. Misaligned teeth can lead to an increased risk of gum disease due to ineffective cleaning and pressure points that may lead to inflammation.

  3. Decreased Tooth Wear: Crooked or misaligned teeth can result in abnormal wear. This can cause issues such as chipping, fractures, and inefficient chewing function. Proper alignment distributes biting pressure evenly, reducing wear and tear.

  4. Less Strain on the Jaw and Muscles: Misaligned teeth can put extra stress on the jaw muscles and joints, leading to temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) symptoms like pain, discomfort, or even headaches. Straight teeth help in maintaining a balanced bite, which minimizes strain on the jaw.

  5. Improved Digestion: Teeth play a crucial role in the digestive process, starting with breaking down food effectively. Straight teeth improve chewing efficiency, which can lead to better digestion and nutrient absorption.

  6. Prevention of Injuries: Protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken or injured in accidents. Straightening your teeth can help minimize this risk.

  7. Enhanced Overall Health: There's a well-documented link between oral health and overall health. Conditions such as gum disease are linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia. By promoting oral health through straight teeth, you're also supporting your general health and well-being.

Having straight teeth contributes to both your oral health and your overall quality of life. It's not just about aesthetics; it's an investment in your health.



Invisalign Consultation

3. Invisalign Consultation

The next step is the Invisalign consultation to find someone who has enough knowledge and expertise to give you the outcome you desire.

At Supreme Dental Concepts the Invisalign consultation is free. What is included in the Invisalign Consultation? 

  • iTero scan - a 3D model is created of your teeth.
  • Simulation carried out what your teeth could potentially look like with Invisalign treatment.
  • Facial Photographs
  • Panoramic X-ray which looks at all the underlying structures of your jaw.
  • Fixed Price for Invisalign Treatment
  • An indication of time frame for the treatment.
  • Discussion of your teeth and what your outcomes could be with either.
    • Just Invisalign
    • Invisalign with TPS to enhance your smile to the next level.
Invisalign Plan

4. Invisalign Plan

People believe that the plan is done by Invisalign to achieve your final results. This is only partially true because, Invisalign uses a sophisticated set of algorithms and sets of rules on how your plan should be carried out. This does not mean that, the plan is achievable or not.  It is only a simulation of how the process could work in a very ideal world. As we all know it is not an ideal world and we all encounter issues along the way. This is when the expertise of the clinician (Dentist or Orthodontist) comes into play. They know from experience and training that only if other certain engineering principles applied to your plan due to a number of circumstances, only then can the outcome be achieved.

The Invisalign plan is different from the quick simulation that you are given at your first free consult. A large number of tools exist online which allow us to run various plans side by side so we can come to the best outcome for your particular set of dental issues and requirements.  Once we have run those different Invisalign simulations, then we can get you back to discuss what you are prepared to accept.


Invisalign Treatment Start


5. The First Invisalign Appointment

When you arrive at your first appointment you will have 

  • Invisalign buttons (attachments) placed on your teeth.
    • These are all different and help move your teeth in different directions.
    • You would have already seen those on your treatment plan.
  • IPR (interproximal reduction) if required, as prescribed by your dentist in your plan.
    • When we try to create space, we sometimes will remove a small bit of enamel between teeth.
    • This does not weaken the teeth.
    • We would have discussed this in detail, with you, on one of the prior appointments.
  • Chewies issued.
    • Little rubber like material that look like cotton rolls.
    • They help the aligners seat down well to engage the teeth in the most efficient movement.
  • Shown how to care for your aligners.
  • Dental Monitoring set up.
    • Supreme Dental Concepts uses and Ai to track your progress.
    • Means you can be anywhere in New Zealand or overseas while treatment is being carried out.
    • You can contact the dentist or staff members directly via SMS and get a txt back, normally on the day.
    • We have very sophisticated systems to help you, in the Invisalign treatment.

6. Invisalign Treatment Phase 1

Depending on your particular type of treatment, the number of Invisalign aligners could range from 7 up to 80 or 90 aligners. Most Invisalign treatment will require about 30 aligners. We call this phase 1 of Invisalign treatment because depending on a number of factors:

  • Structure of your teeth.
  • Your compliance (wearing it 22 hours a day and only taking it out for cleaning and eating or drinking).
  • Individual variations on root structure.

You may need to a second phase of treatment after the first phase is completed. From our experience the compliance and doing as you have been told will produce the best outcome. Be honest with us, as we need to help you achieve your outcome in the shortest time possible. If we do not know what is happening outside of the clinic then we can't modify your treatment to achieve a quicker finish for your smile.

7. Invisalign Treatment Phase 2

50% Completion & 50% Treatment Phase 2

When phase 1 is completed in 50% of the patients of the cases the clear aligners would have done the job exactly. Congratulations on completing your treatment. In most situations the full completion is due to good design and mostly due to good compliance of the treatment protocols. 

In 50% of the case treatment will have to continue to correct either, small changes to tidy up your bite or major changes due to non-compliance, or some issues with the forces applied being compromised.  As discussed before, completion may not finish due to 

  • Variations in the root structure of your teeth.
  • Your compliance (wearing it 22 hours a day and only taking it out for cleaning and eating or drinking). Compliance can be compromised due to a number of reasons; we don't pass judgment on this as people's individual situations are different.
  • Individual bone structure variations.

If Phase 2 happens

  • Another Invisalign scan will be taken.
  • A new plan will be developed.'
  • Order placed with new Invisalign Aligners'
  • Your old buttons removed, and new buttons placed. 
  • Back to new set of Dental Monitoring.
Invisalign Completion

8. Invisalign Completion

Once completed, your teeth will be scanned and checked.  If we have achieved the desired results, then your buttons will be removed, and you will need to wear your current last aligner at night only. A set or sets of night retainers will be ordered for you to wear at night only. The night retainers are made of a different material to ensure that you teeth stay in place. You must wear your night retainers nightly for at least 12-18 months and then you can vary the wear. Questions often asked about night retainers are:

  1. Do i need to wear night retainers?
    1. yes, you do otherwise your teeth will move, and you could be up for additional costs to get them straight again.
  2. How long do i need to wear night retainers?
    1. Teeth will move over a lifetime due to wear and tear and due to different pressures, they encounter like clenching etc. It is advisable to wear night retainers for at least 12-18 months in the beginning and then to vary the wear as you begin to understand your particular teeth.


Invisalign Long Term Maintenance

9. Invisalign Long Term Maintenace:

Supreme Dental Concepts have set up with Dental Monitoring a long-term Ai Maintenace plan for your teeth so that you can, be rest assured that your teeth will remain stable long term.

You don't have to be in Wellington to have this plan and we can customize if for anybody in New Zealand. The details for the Ai plan are listed below with the costs and benefits.

You can relax and ensure that your teeth are well looked after, no matter where you are in New Zealand.


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