1. Why Are There Cost Differences Between Dentists?

There are a number of reasons why there are differences in costs between dentists. Below is a list of just some of them:

Quality of equipment used.
Quality of products used.
Level of continuing education & techniques the practice uses.
Level of new equipment & systems used.

2. Why Can Diagnosis Be Different Between Dentists?

This is dependent on:

The amount of information you supply to the dentist.
The experience of the dentists.
The level of long term dental treatment that you would like to achieve.

Dentistry is not a straight forward yes or no response & in a lot of cases it is dependent on a differential diagnosis. Often the most conservative approach is taken first so it is important for you as the patient to voice your concerns & what you are hoping to achieve long term.

3. What Do I Do if I Can’t Afford Dentistry?

Dentistry can be affordable to all people but the most important thing is that you get an overall plan for your mouth so that you can structure your finances accordingly. It is important to look at your dental treatment as a long term plan, or investment. You can get costs so that every year you could undertake some work & work towards your long term goal.

Ask your dentist for a DRM (Dental Road Map).

4. Why Do Dentists Use Hygienists?

As people live longer, gum disease becomes an issue that has to be taken care of.

A hygienist is trained in the management of gum disease so your dentist will get you checked by the hygienist to ensure that gum disease does not take hold in your mouth.

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