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All-on-4 Dental Implants

If you have lost all of your teeth or have no healthy teeth left, All-on-4 may be the smile restoration solution that’s best for you. All-on-4 is a way to restore the natural look & function of your teeth by using four strategically-positioned dental implants as the foundation.
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Unlike other tooth replacement treatments such as traditional denturesmini dental implants or bar-retained dentures, All-on-4 teeth are not removable. The set of teeth you get with All-on-4 is permanently attached to the dental implants. Many patients appreciate the security & ease of care that having a permanent set of teeth gives them, especially those who have disliked the experience of having removable dentures.

What Is All-On-4?

Standard dental implant restorations have one implant anchor for each tooth, whereas the All-on-4 method uses just a few dental implants to support an entire set of teeth. All the teeth on your upper or lower jaw can be attached to a minimal number of dental implants.

Another thing that sets All-on-4 apart from many other tooth replacement procedures is that that majority of the transformation can take place all in a single day. Both traditional dentures & individual tooth replacement with dental implants can take several appointments spread days, weeks or months apart in order to complete. By comparison, All-on-4 can be an almost instant full mouth restoration. While every patient & situation is different, many people who undergo this procedure can expect to have a beautiful & functional smile the same day. You will be able to smile, eat & chew fairly normally right after your procedure.

Procedure Overview

Patients who choose to complete All-on-4 treatment will meet with us one or more times during the planning process to ensure that the teeth they get on the day of the procedure are as satisfactory as possible. So there is more than one appointment involved, which some patients who have seen All-on-4 advertising are not aware of. That being said, All-on-4 treatment can be particularly attractive to patients who want to minimise the number of visits to the dentist. Extractions of teeth that have gone bad can happen on the same day as the placement of the implants & the full set of teeth. You can come into the office with bad, damaged teeth & leave at the end of the day with a perfect smile. In addition to the health benefits of this transformation, the psychological & emotional impact that it can have is profound.

After you get your new set of teeth with All-on-4, you will still need to come to the dentist for regular checkups. There is a misconception among some patients that only natural teeth need regular professional dental care. This is far from the truth. Whether or not you have natural teeth or All-on-4, the dentist looks after your overall oral health. This especially includes assessing the health of your gums, which is vital to ensuring your implants last you for the rest of your life. It’s still possible to get gum disease if all your teeth have been replaced with false teeth! At each of your checkups after All-on-4, we’ll take a look at your teeth, examine your bite, & make sure your dental hygiene routine is working well.


All on 4 Process

The All-on-4 dental implant process begins with a detailed consultation where the dentist assesses the patient's oral health, bone density, and overall suitability for the procedure. This initial evaluation often includes digital scans or X-rays to get a comprehensive view of the jawbone and remaining teeth, ensuring there's adequate bone structure to support the implants and to plan the implant placement meticulously. The dentist discusses the patient's medical history, any pre-existing conditions, and the expected outcomes to ensure the All-on-4 treatment aligns with the patient's needs and goals. This stage is crucial for tailoring the treatment plan to each individual, highlighting the importance of a thorough and informed consultation phase​​​​​​.

Following the consultation,

A digital smile design is carried out to ensure that we have made the new teeth to suite what your needs are and to have a superior outcome.  The design is discussed with you.

We then construct all the surgical guides to ensure we deliver the ideal outcome for you. We make up surgical guides and also temporary is constructed so that you can test drive your new teeth straight after the surgery.

the All-on-4 dental implant surgery is scheduled. Performed under local anesthesia or sedation to ensure the patient's comfort, the procedure involves the precise placement of four dental implants in the jawbone. These implants act as anchors for a full arch of prosthetic teeth. The All-on-4 technique is innovative in that it often eliminates the need for bone grafting by taking advantage of the dense bone that remains in the front part of the jaws, and the implants are placed at an angle to maximize stability. The surgery typically takes a few hours, and in many cases, temporary teeth may be attached to the implants on the same day, offering an immediate improvement in aesthetics and function​​​​.

The recovery and osseointegration phase is a critical part of the All-on-4 process, where the implants integrate with the jawbone, a process that can take several months. During this time, patients are advised to follow a soft diet to avoid placing undue pressure on the new implants, allowing for proper healing. Regular follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor the healing process and to ensure the implants are integrating successfully. Once osseointegration is complete, the final prosthetic teeth, designed to match the patient's natural teeth in color and appearance, are securely attached to the implants. This not only restores the patient's smile but also the functionality of natural teeth, allowing them to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.



SDC Implant Journey

Jackies comments

   "What can I say except thank you all for making me smile again! It took a while and I had to learn... It was not an easy decision to get my "remaining" teeth removed even though I had pain in my mouth most of the time. If I had been aware how much difference going down the full mouth implant process would make to me on a daily basis.. I would not have wasted time and money on partial dentures and individual tooth extractions.

My food tastes how it should and because l couldn't chew with dentures I had to restrict what I ate.

Navin was patient, kind and most of all caring. 

The team that works with Navin are so lovely I can't thank you all enough".

Yes, individual components, such as crowns or dentures, can often be replaced without needing to replace the entire implant structure, however with all on 4 they are often made as a whole unit. This means the whole structure will often be needed to be sent away to be fixed or reset. This can often take a few weeks so most time you should have a spare temp for the all on 4 to use from your original time of construction
They're made from materials resistant to staining, but maintaining them properly is crucial to keep them looking bright. Stains are often surface stains so can be easily removed by a denist or hygienist
Dental professionals recommend a professional cleaning every six months, though this can vary based on individual oral hygiene. For best results we recommend a 6 monthly clean with and check with the hygienist as implant fixtures can fail over time if tartar builds up on the structures. Also there is a test we run on yearly basis on the implant structures to make sure they stay sound.
No strict upper age limit exists, but candidates should have adequate bone density and a fully developed jawbone for younger patients. Allon 4 implants are generally carried out on people over 21 years of age as the bone is stable and resilient. If you have lost bone over time this can be replaced surgically.
All-on-4 uses four implants per arch, potentially avoiding the need for bone grafting and allowing for a more efficient process compared to traditional methods that may require an individual post for each missing tooth
Published studies show a 98% success rate, making them a highly reliable option for tooth replacement
With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a durable solution compared to other dental restorations

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