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Money-Back Guarantee

Your First Professional Dental Exam

Our goal is to provide you with the best advice possible with regards to your teeth. We will give you the optimal treatment that you should be striving towards & at the same time we listen to your needs & current requirements so that we can tailor your treatment to be affordable for you.

This way there are no surprises to you in the long term & you are able to make sure that you get the dentistry that you want. If you are not happy with Your First Professional Exam then let us know the reasons why & we will be more than happy to refund your money & give you advice on what the next possible steps may be for your dental health.

Five-Year Warranty Certificates

Crown & Bridge

We provide a five-year written limited warranty on your crowns & bridges work. Since crowns & bridges can be a major investment in your overall dental health, it is important to have peace of mind. We provide a written limited warranty which will take care of any worry, provided you carry out regular dental hygiene that is required for good dental health.

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