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Invisalign TPS

Invisalign used in the correct manner can produce superior asthetic results
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Invisalign and Digital Smile Design (DSD): A Superior Outcome for Wellington Dentistry

Welcome to our cutting-edge Wellington dental practice, where we blend the transformative power of Invisalign with the precision of Digital Smile Design (DSD) to offer our patients a superior smile transformation experience. In an era where the demand for aesthetic dentistry is at an all-time high, our integration of these two innovative technologies sets us apart, ensuring that our patients not only achieve the smile of their dreams but do so with a process tailored specifically to their unique dental anatomy and aesthetic goals. All good outcomes are dependent on how thoroughly and meticulously you have planned. The same applies to a smile, you need to know exactly what you would want to achieve before you set upon your journey. In Wellington Supreme Dental Concepts is a unique in integrating all disciplines together to ensure you achieve the smile you want.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that uses clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth without the need for traditional metal braces. Known for its effectiveness and discretion, Invisalign allows patients to undergo orthodontic treatment without compromising their daily life or appearance. This technology is especially popular in Wellington, where patients value both innovation and aesthetics.

What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a dental treatment planning tool that uses digital technology to create a virtual simulation of how a patient’s smile can be improved through cosmetic dentistry procedures. It involves taking digital photographs, videos, and scans of a patient’s mouth to analyze their dental and facial proportions. The DSD process enables dentists and patients to work together to envision a smile that is harmonious with the patient’s physical characteristics and desires, ensuring a personalized treatment plan.


Integrating Invisalign with Digital Smile Design for a Superior Outcome

Our practice in Wellington integrates Invisalign with Digital Smile Design to provide a holistic and customized approach to smile transformation. Here’s how this powerful combination works to your benefit:

Beth Dsd Tps

Personalized Treatment Planning

By combining DSD with Invisalign’s TPS (Treatment Planning Services), we create a fully customized treatment plan that not only focuses on achieving optimal functional and aesthetic results but also ensures that the final outcome reflects your individual smile goals. This personalized approach allows us to visualize the end result before even beginning the treatment, offering a clear and exciting path to your new smile.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Digital Smile Design allows us to refine the aesthetics of your smile with unparalleled precision. When combined with Invisalign’s clear aligners, we can make adjustments that are not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing throughout the entire treatment process. This means that as your teeth move into their desired positions, they do so in a way that enhances your overall facial aesthetics for a truly natural and beautiful outcome.

Improved Communication

Our use of DSD technology improves communication between you and our dental team. By visualizing your treatment outcome beforehand, we can ensure that your vision for your smile aligns with the proposed treatment plan. This collaborative approach increases satisfaction and confidence throughout the treatment process, as you are involved in every step of your smile transformation journey.

Efficient and Predictable Results

The integration of Invisalign with Digital Smile Design not only enhances the treatment experience but also leads to more efficient and predictable results. The precision of DSD, combined with the advanced technology of Invisalign, allows for a streamlined treatment process with fewer surprises. You can look forward to achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, with a clear understanding of the journey from start to finish.

Choose Excellence in Wellington Dentistry

At our Wellington dental practice, we are committed to providing our patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer. By integrating Invisalign’s innovative aligner technology with the precision of Digital Smile Design, we are proud to offer a superior dental treatment experience that is personalized, predictable, and designed to meet your unique aesthetic goals.

Discover the difference that a truly customized smile transformation can make. Contact us today to learn more about how Invisalign and Digital Smile Design can work together to achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.


Invisalign TPS  Applications

In our Wellington dental practice, Invisalign Treatment Planning Services (TPS) are seamlessly integrated into a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures, including implants, veneers, and crowns, to provide unparalleled precision and aesthetic outcomes. Utilizing Invisalign TPS allows us to meticulously plan the alignment of teeth around implants, ensuring that they fit perfectly within your newly designed smile. For patients opting for veneers or crowns, Invisalign TPS assists in achieving the optimal tooth position beforehand, making these restorations look more natural and function better. This innovative approach not only enhances the durability and appearance of dental restorations but also ensures that every aspect of your treatment is aligned with your unique Digital Smile Design, guaranteeing a superior and harmonious outcome that perfectly blends functionality with aesthetic excellence in Wellington's forefront dental care.


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