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Bridge.jpgWhy Dental Bridge?

A Dental Bridge is made when you want to replace a tooth that is missing and want to have something in your mouth that is permanently fixed in. A Dental Bridge behaves just like your natural teeth and you are not even aware that it is something that has been made and put in. There are lots of different types of dental bridges.


What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridges come in many different forms and the key is that it acts like a bridge that you drive across. It spans an area where a tooth is missing from one side to the other. Dental Bridges can be made out of different materials and the key is that they are in most cases constructed as a one piece design so that they can withstand the forces of the bite

  • Fixed Dental Bridge
  • Fixed Movable Dental Bridge
  • Direct Cantilever Bridge
  • Maryland Bridge
  • Rochette Bridge
  • Composite Reinforced Bridge
  • Implant Bridge
  • and many more...



How Dental Bridges work...

We work with you to make a Dental Bridge that is appropriate for you.  The first step is to contact us for a no obligation chat. We'll run through your Dental Bridge requirements with you. From there

  • Get and assessment appointment with the Dentist
  • Decide what bridge is appropriate for you
  • Give you a cost for the Dental Bridge
  • Outline the Dental Bridge appointments for you
  • Construct and fit your Dental Bridge.
  • Follow up on your Dental Bridge one it is finished with an appointment with our hygienist who will go through with you on how to look after and maintain your Dental Bridge.

Why Us? / What you can expect

When you're looking for Dental Bridge, we've got the experience of over 25 years and we have seen the evolution and development of different bridge types over the years to deliver you Dental Bridge that will work for you long term and give you the long term benefits that good bridge design can deliver.


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If you're interested in Dental Bridges, we'd love to hear from you. For a no obligation chat, simply give us a call on 801-6228 ( Wgtn) / 570-0520 ( Lower Hutt) or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch fast.