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What are Traditonal braces?

Traditional braces use all different sets of wires and different types of brackest to get movement. Often the brackets cant move the whole tooth in one way so different wires and brackets are applied to the teeth to get them to do different movements


The moving and correction of the bite can be done in a number of ways these days and the main ones that people tend to be aware off are 

1. Traditional Braces

2. FastBraces

3. Aligner Systems like Invisalign

All orthodontic systems operate in different ways and some will use extraction methods and some will use non extractions methods. There is no wrong or right method in treatment as all the systems will achieve a result but that will depend on what you also wish to achieve with your teeth

Our practice focuses on conservative methods and we try to achieve our patient goals via non extraction methods. On occasions we do not have a choice an have to extract teeth, however this is done as a last resort when we have investigated and exhausted all other possibilities



Because it is hard for people to understand what is the appropriate treatment for you we offer a free initial consultation service so that you are able to make up your own mind which particular orthodontic process you would prefer for yourself or your family member

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