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wisdom_teeth.jpgWhy Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth are the last teeth to come out in the mouth and quiet often there is not enought space so wisdom teeth come out at all different angles





What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom Teeth are the last teeth to erupt into the mouth and are the 3rd molar teeth. Because of this they quite often have no room and are squeezed out due to lack of space. This results in them coming in at all funny angles (ie they are impacted). The impaction makes them hard to remove as getting access to them is difficult as you are only able to open your jaw a limited amount.

The end result of not removing wisdom teeth is

1. Development of infections
2. The other teeth moving out of alignment
3. Possible cyst formation
4. Destruction of the good teeth due to inability to clean.

How it Wisdom Teeth removal works

We work with you to make Wisdom Teeth removal easy and effortless  The first step is to contact us for a no obligation chat. We'll run through your Wisdom teeth requirements with you. From there we will

  • Arrange an appointment with a dentist to assess the problem
  • Arrange to refer you to an oral surgeon or our in-house surgeon, if there is going to be surgical issues to remove your teeth and often people do not know that they are sometimes covered by their medical insurance. In such a case the whole procedure will be paid for
  • Give you options with regards to treatment
  • Arrange appropriate appointments
  • Follow up on your wisdom tooth removal


Why Us? / What you can expect

When you're looking for Wisdom Teeth removal we've got the long term experience in surgical work to deliver you an effortless and comfortable removal of your wisdom teeth


  1. If you have insurance cover, we will refer you to the appropriate oral surgeon
  2. If you do not have insurance cover and are unable to afford to go to an oral surgeon, we have a dentist who carries out oral surgery as an elective and another dental surgeon who is currently doing his medical degree in the hospital to become a qualified oral surgeon. Arrangements can be made to have an assessment and to have the work carried out on a Saturday which is more convenient for most people

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If you're interested in Wisdom tooth removal or assessment, we'd love to hear from you. For a no obligation chat, simply give us a call on 801-6228 (Wellington) / 570-0520 (Lower Hutt) or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch fast.