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Intra Oral Digital Sensors

We have the latest digital sensors which will minimize the radiation exposure that you experience over your lifetime, saft and portable, allows instant x-rays and software which will allow you to see and understant

Digital Panarex

A digital panarex allows us to get an oveview of all your teeth and the surrounding bone areas. We are able to look at the tmj in detail for people who are experiencing pain in that area. It is a digital survery x-ray of your whole mouth 

Lastest Dental Sterlizers

Sterilization is a key to providing clean and efficient treatment, we have the latest sterilization equipment which keeps a log of the instruments that may been used. They undergo rigorous testing everyday

Intra Oral Scanners

We have a number of iTero scanners which allow us to provide 3D images of your teeth and they can be used in a number of areas

1. Orthodontics

2. Reconstruction of teeth

3. Keeping an eye on gingival recession ( periodontal disease)

CAD Smile Design

We provide a CAD (Computer aided design) system which allows us to work out what your teeth will look like in shape and form before we carry out any treatment on you. You then get what you are expecting to get

Laser Technology

Lasers are used in a number of areas to reshape the gum and provide better aesthetic results in your smile